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We are making UPAS LC arrangement last eight years for the Bangladeshi bank. We have more
than 200 top rated banks to connect for confirmation & discounting with the best lowest cost
for the entrepreneur. Case to case or corporate agreement and execution would be made with
the client.


We are arranging foreign direct investment for the listed company under Dhaka Stock Exchange
(DSE) & Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).
FDI Option-1: Sponsor share not more than 20% of paid up capital which would be market
value 90% of last 15 days trading average price. The 20% share market value would be
minimum equivalent USD 10 million. There would be option exercise with fixed price which is
good price value for the company.
FDI Option 2: There would be new share issue as strategic partner for the company. It is easy to
get SEC permission for the foreign investor in such cases. The selling price would be fixed as per
company strength and discussion.


The DSE and CSE listed company can issue corporate bond upon audited by world TOP 4 CA firm
or National TOP 5 ranking firms. Upon valuation of company we can help to Moody rating and
rating score would be minimum B1 then will connect for raising money upon approval of local
authority to receive fund legally. If moody rating and score already B1 is available then we can
proceed immediate upon discussion for execution. It will take 36 weeks after signing the
agreement and mobilization fees paid.


We have available funding source under green financing scheme for power sector. The
power/energy would be solar/wind/fuel etc. If project profile & Government approval are
available that will give preference for financing immediate start to process.


There is separate investor are available for chain hotel financing. If there is a progress 40%
equity financing then remaining 60% financing source connect with lender/investor.


There is big opportunity to funding to the government project in Bangladesh. It would be direct
to the government ministry of finance or through different respective ministry project.

It is noted that the cost of fund would in commercial rate not in soft loan being the Bangladesh
have obtained primary development country graduation ranking from World Bank. Being the
return of fund is number times higher than the cost of fund is absolute feasible rather than
local fund/not available fund source for progress.


There is a financing model Reverse Take Over almost like IPO equity financing to corporate company. Local numbers of company will be the owner of Holding company which will be corporate in outside country like Singapore, Hongkong etc. About 90% share holding by the
existing local corporate and another 10% (Local Finance Arranger) would be the owner of foreign local person/company which is mandatory to open any company in overseas as per law.
The share holding local company would be audited by the top five world auditor or local top five auditors.
Based on the audited accounts, Net Asset/Worth would be calculated and accordingly will be considered for market investment. Out of 90% share , Holding company will decide how much they will sale share for acquiring equity finance. It is the best alternative source of finance on zero cost for long time to expand business. But corporate system must be followed to keep up organization growth and business sustainability. It will take 36 weeks after signing the agreement and mobilization fees paid.


We are arranging offshore fund to OBU for the banking institute through RWA, Agreement,  MT799 and MT760.The fund is clean clear compliance AML, CFT and regulation as per central bank. There is some mechanism for arranging foreign fund for project 5 to 10 years. It could be through BG with confirmation from AAA rated bank or with collaboration with local bank as per our guidance. We have mostly installment base lender. But we have some lender where will pay only rate of return/ interest as agreed with borrower and in final year will pay principal amount. Even we provide advisory service how to keep retention deposit to pay without any problem. It depends on client strengthen and available fund of main source where will submit file.


It is applicable for industrial IRC holder only (except trading). We must provide best minimum rate including service charge. No upfront fees but security payment. Client must confirm available facility with bank doing UPAS from third party and quote rate as will firm.

Refinancing for DLC/UPAS LC

It is better to know by 45 days earlier of maturity payment. Client must get permission for refinancing from Bank to arranging his own source as per rules. We are here for collaborating with bank to complete deal as per regulation.

Arranging SBLC/BG

If any client need only SBLC leasing/ fresh cut from the required bank as needed, will arrange as per ICC rules. The cost and procedure depends on the requirement and client ability.

About us

Mohammad Abu Jayed, FCA
Owner of Finance House

Mr. Jayed completed his M.Com (Accounting) in 1997 and obtain ACA in 2006, FCA 2010 ICAB, Bangladesh.

Mohammad Abu Jayed started his career in 1996 doing article ship with M. Idris & Co. Chartered Accountant firm and subsequently completed CACC. He then joined nation’s one of the renowned business enterprise Transcom Group. At Transcom he designed and implemented a robust Internal Control System that catered their diversified business operations. After obtaining ACA credential, he joined in TM International (BD) Limited, as head of compliance IFRS; TM International was renamed AKTEL and later acquired by ROBI. He diversified his service in UAE as Head of Finance for Sawaeed Group. After returning to Bangladesh he joined local conglomerate Partex Group as General Manager (A&F). Later he moved on to Opex & Sinha Textile Group as Sr.GM (F&A, Comm & Audit).

His 15 years of hands-on experience, rendered him in-depth capabilities with solid skills sets in the field of Corporate Accounting, Finance, Pricing and Costing, Treasury, MIS, Risk Analysis & Management, Legal and Company Secretarial functions.

Build on his professionalism and trust, Mr. Jayed developed a business network with ‘who and who’ of the business world. He also maintains excellent relationships with all levels of the Government authorities/Statutory bodies (RJSC, SEC, DSE, NBR, VAT, Customs, Bangladesh Bank, BOI, Law Enforcing Agencies), Banks and Financial Institutions, Legal, Audit and other service providers.

Mr. Jayed brings sound Business and Finance analytical capabilities in tandem with strategic thinking which can effectively move any business to a higher plateau of performance. He knows how to streamline business processes and develop a Management Information System with correct data collection procedure for critical analysis and reporting; which are instrumental for a business to grow and avoid pitfalls. He has profound understanding that sustainable solutions come from the right combination of capital, technology, know-how and commercial application, to deliver a high quality result for a Business.

He now owns and manages Finance House as Chief Financial Consultant with a team of capable professionals in the field. Finance House offers services in Project Financing (Local & Offshore), Bank Guarantee, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Project Profile, Company secretariat, UPAS LC financing arrangement, Capital structure etc.

Collaborating with Economic Consultant UK, ICFC-Japan, Euro Exim Bank-UK, UTC-UK, Swiss Credit-UK and many more links provides a strong platform to build commercial solutions that would deliver sustainable advantages for our clients. Finance House takes risk analysis and its management very seriously; conduct through research to identify those risks and advise accordingly with clear perspective to take proper business decision.

Finance House would use senior-level advisors, Government and Business networks that will give an edge to the clients in this competitive market. Finance House is committed to uphold the same values with links’ to serve mutual clients. Finance House pledges client confidentiality, professionalism and innovative approach.

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